Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stain in Mind>>Group exhibition

We see, hear, touch, smell and experienced every single moment, but how much we can remember? I even don't remember what I had for breakfast today. But I do believe it make a stain in the mind. I don't remember my mother cooking me a dog for dinner when I was young, but I remember all the details of eating a cake during a class when I was 3. Why do I have this memory? What does it means to me? How does it affect my life? I don't know! But I think it means something. "Stain in mind" is a series of drawings a stream of consciousness. Not really thinking of anything, just drop my pen or brush on the paper and let go. Once I started to make a mark on paper, some memory will come out to form an image. Another experience of those stain.

7-23 July (Tues - Sat) 12:00-18:00
Bradbury's Print & Poster Gallery
10c Bradbury Street
Dalston, London
N16 8JN