Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How to talk like a comedian, and make a boring story interesting, as long as beautiful life!!! Important!!!!

Friend of mine, is not a comedian, but he always got lot of interesting story to tell or to entertain us, seems he experienced many funny things all the time. What a wonderful life!
That's cool to have funny stuff happening around to entertain the boring life!
Yesterday! I found out why he always got funny stuff happening around! We were on the way to meet some friends, in-between there were two dogs barking against as normal. We didn't pay much attention to it. But when we catch our friends, he started talking joke as usual, then he started talking a pug dog and a gordon setter dog, how a pug dog barking to the setter aggressively, and the setter were clam in the beginning, then how it turn into a weaker like a rat, and ran away with tears........a usual story at the end like a fiction! Amazing!! He didn't make the story, but just put a lot imagination and personal opinion, may be a little bit personality to the dogs.