Monday, March 28, 2011

Long air (chinese) - the art of talking, to make yourself more sociable, kind, nice, positive, memorable, impressive!!!

Long air in chinese means people who is talkative, do you ever meet someone can talk an hour and another hour and then another hour?? I am always wonder how people can do that, and seems they have lot of things to tell people, and lots of funny story to tell. Why? I can't do that, I normally finish my talk in one or two sentences. For example if I said "I had a nice dinner yesterday" For the long air people would said " I tell you something. There's something you need to know, you know what? I am going to tell you! There's something very important you need to know! Is a very very very important thing! You shouldn't miss it, if you miss it, I will feel feel very sorry for you. But I don't need to sorry for you, you know why? Because I am going to tell you! Do you what to know? Yes! I know you will be excited about that!! I am going tell you! I am going to tell you the most important thing that you need to know! And I think everyone should know about! Because it is the most amazing thing in the world! You know what.................."